This is GROUP 1, formed by León, Miguel and Salvador from the school in Otura and Franci and Jaci from Sankt Valentin



We are León, Miguel Ángel and Salvador. We're from Granada,but we live in Otura(León and Migue) and in Dílar(Salvador). We're 13 years old.

Our Glogsters:




Salvador (My favourite sport),

I like to play handball a lot because I like team sports. I'm playing in Dílar's Handball Team (DHT) in the teenage category. All the members of my team are between 12 to 14 years old and all of them are in the same school.

I like my team because we alll compenetrate very good. They are my friends!

Spanish handball team had win the world league. We have to practice more to be very good!

Migue (My favourite book)

My favourite book is '' Teacher's curse''.I like it because is very enjoyable and I can't stop reading it.The author is Laura Gallego García. She is very pasionated writer.I like her unusual way to describe the facts that happen in the heart of the book,so you don't have to be very attentive to the unusual facts that occurs.Ilike when the main characters go into the Shadow's laberynth and fought against the teacher.I feel like I am with they fighting against the teacher.I like to read about the history of Dana and about the history of Fenris.The best part I think is the end because Kai reincarnates into a dragon.

León (my favourite book)

My favourite book is ''The lord of the rings''.For the moment, I'm reading the third book of the triology ''The Lord of the rings''.The writer imagine a world with an epic war for the control and the liberty between the people and the dark forces.Also it's the history of two friends ,Frodo and Sam,who have the mission to destroy the ring,which is the centre of the bad power.

For me,the best part is the third book,when they destroyed the ring.


Our most important tradition for the Holy Week are the processions. There are big walks around all the town with floats with the Virgin and Jesus. The bearers move the floats that are very heavy. They celebrate the death and the resurrection of God.

The carriages are decorated with flowers and gold bread. There are men with white costumes, masks and long cones on the head, which are called "penitentes".

We don´t like it because it's boring, but they are part of the Spanish culture.

Which are your Easter traditions?

See you soon,

León, Salvador and Migue

holy week video track- see all the 24 videos,please



Easter bunny and Palm Sunday. Sunday introduces Holy Week.

On Easter Sunday fasting end. It's time to traditional Easter brunch.

A popular tradition for kids it's the colourful Easter eggs hunting, sweets and small presents are hidden in the house or in the garden.

There is pastry in the form of a lamb ('Osterlamm'), which is given to the kids by their godfather or godmother.

Easter eggs

There are two kinds off eggs,decorative and yummy Easter eggs. The decorative eggs are hanged into the window,

on plants or foliating twigs of sallow ('Palmkatzerln'). In Austria it is very common to use ferns and small flowers as patterns.

1.How many provinces are there in Andalusia? 14 (8)

2.What ingredients does ''Gazpacho'' have? tomatoes, bread,

green peppers, red pepper, cucumber, onion, salt,olive oil and vinegar

3.Name the most important land-marks of Andalusia: Sevilla, Ronda, Granada, Ubeda, Baeza, Malaga, ......(Sevilla, Huelva, Cádiz, Córdoba, Málaga, Jaén, Granada and Almería)

4.Name the two most important cities in Spain:Madrid, Barcelona

5.Name the most important river of Andalusia: Sierra de Cazorla (Guadalquivir)

6.Name the most important writer in Spain and his main book: Jorge Mario Pedro Vargas Llosa, (Miguel de Cerventes, El Quijote)

7.What are the main archipelagos in Spain? The Canary Islands and Balears

8.What are the main mountain ranges in Andalusia? Sierra Nevada and Sierra de Cazorla

9.Name the two highest mountains in Spain: 1.Teide, Tenerife (Canaries), 3718 meters 2.Mulhacén, Sierra Nevada (Andalusien), 3482 Meters

10.Name Spain's main industries: crops, vegetables, lemons, olive oil, wine, Tourism and Fishing

11.Name the most touristic coast of Andalusia: The coast of Trafalgar (Sun Coast and Tropical Coast)

12.How many km/square does Andalusia have? 87 .268km²

13.Who were the roman emperors that were born in Spain? Franz II (Trajano and Adriano)

14.Name the main civilizations that were in Spain: Indians ... (Iberians, Romans, Visigoths, Arabs and Catholics)

15.Name the Spain's 3 main painters: Museo del Pardo, Toledo, El Greco (Velázquez, Goya y Picasso)

16.Where was Picasso born? In Spain.

17.Name the 3 main cathedrals in Andalusia: Seville Cathedral, Mezquita- Catedral de Cordoba and Granada Cathedral

18.What is the longer river in Andalusia? Guadalquivir

19.Is there a desert in Andalusia? Almeria

20.Where is it? In Andalucia

21.Who was Camarón ? A flamenco singer

22.Who made ''Mortadelo y Filemón''? Mort and Phil Francisco Ibañez

23.Where is the Prado Museum? Calle Ruiz de Alarcón, 23, 28014 Madrid, Spain

24.What is the capital of Andalusia? Sevilla

25.What is the biggest autonomous comunity in Spain? Andalucia (Castilla y León)


We are your Austrian friends:


here are our glogsters Franzi&Jaci

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That's our favourite sport:

Our favourite sport is volleyball. We sometimes play volleyball with our cousins. We only play volleyball in our familys. We only do it in our freetime. We haven't got time for a sports club, but we often play it. We think sport (physical education) at school is very cool. We often play ball games in school. It's so different from learning Mathematics or German or so. In summer we also play beach-volleyball.

What we have learnt about Easter traditions in Spain:

It starts on Palm Sunday and it finishes with the celebration of Easter Sunday in Spain. Semana Santa is a speciall time for Christians. Processions are very important and very big. Bunnies, rabbits and lambs are often associated with Easter because most babies of these animals are born around Easter time. The Easter Week ends with Easter Sunday. That's day full of lights and colours. Bells are ringing throughout the country.
Yours, Franzi and Jaci

Austria / Lower Austria:

1. What was the first name of Austria? Karantania (Ostarrichi)

2. How many provinces has Austria got? Voralberg, Tirol, Salzburgo, Carintia, Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Estiria, Vienna and Burgenland/ 9 provinces

3. What’s the traditional clothing in Austria? Tracht

4. What are the names of the Lower Austrian “Viertels”? Mostviertel, Waldwiertel, Weinviertel, Industrieviertel
5. What’s the capital city of Lower Austria? St.Pölten

6. How many people live in Lower Austria? 1 545 804 inhabitants (1.6 million people)

7. What kinds of winter sports are done a lot in Austria? Skiing, snowing, horse and Husky-drawn sleigh rides,sledding,bobsleding,backcountry skiing and winter hiking (skiing and snowboarding)

8. What’s Lower Austria’s Grand Canyon? Is a canyon along the river Danubio. (The Ötschergräben)

9. What’s the highest mountain in Lower Austria? Schneeberg(2076)

10. What’s the Danube? The longest river in Europa. (Austria)

Mostviertel (the "Viertel" of Lower Austria where we live):

1. Where is the Mostviertel located?In the South-West of Lower Austria.

2. What’s the name of the pear or apple drink which is alcoholic and very special in Mostviertel? Most

3. Why is the Mostviertel called “Mostviertel”? Because they made a good must. (Most)

4. How many people live in Mostviertel?407 000 inhabitants

5. What are the names of the three highest mounta
ins in Mostviertel?Ötscher mountain(2000), Dürrenstein(1500) and Hochkar(1350)

6. How many natural parks are situated in the Mostviertel? Törmauer, Ötscher, Buchenberg and Eisenwurzen.

7. Which kind of farms can you find especially in the Mostviertel? Perry farms (Four-sided farms)

8. How is the climate in “Mostviertel”? Mild in Summer and cold in Winter. (mild)

9. What’s the cultural and spiritual centre of the Mostviertel?Agustinian Canons at Herzogenburg (Seitenstetten Abbey)

10. What’s the“Klangturm”? The most famous building in Mostviertel.

Vienna week - by Franzi and Jaci

From the 10th to the 14th of June we stayed in a hostel in Vienna. During the Vienna week we had a lot of fun. The weather was very sunny. The best what we did was the musical and the "dialogue in the dark" a workshop of blind people. The activity "Spooky Vienna" was very funny we laughed the whole time. We will go to Vienna often because we enjoyed everything there.