Hi, this is GROUP 4, formed by Ángela and Raquel from the school in Otura and Regina and Anna from Sankt Valentin.

We are Ángela and Raquel.We're from Granada,but we live in Otura and we're 13 years old.
Have a look at our posters:
ÁNGELA: http://student2b2012.edu.glogster.com/angieestevez/
RAQUEL: http://student2b2012.edu.glogster.com/raqueelita-goomez

This is a text of our favorite sport and our favorite book:

Raquel Gómez:

My favorite sports is rhythmic gymnastic because is very excited and very complicated.In this sport you need much concentration and much patience for do the exercise.I am in a group,with Ángela,Miriam,Mª Cruz and Lucía.We go a competitions outside of Granada.We are champions of Granada two years followed.Our toachs is Isabel and Ana.Ana is a girl of fifteen years old,but she's studing this degree.I really like this sports,I like when my group and I work together.

Ángela Estévez:

My favourite food is ''Lágrimas por una medalla''.The authors are Tania Lamarca and Cristina Gallo.The book is about the life of Tania,her competitions with the team national of rhytmic gymnastic, and her withdrawal of the competition.The main character is Tania. I like this book because I really love the rhytmic, I dream to be like she, the best part is whem Tania and her team compete in the Olimpic Games of Atlanta and at the end she withdrawal.

We always will love rhythmic gymnastics and so we write about it and I recommend a very interesting book.

We hope you enjoyed it and you are interested in trying to practice. BYE BYE!!

Anna & Regina ♥

We are Anna & Regina. We're from St.Valentin. Regina is 12 years old (13.08.2000) and Anna is 13 (10.11.1999). We are best friends.Our hobbies are going shopping, meeting friends, swimming and laughing.

Here are our Glogs:


Here is our video:

Regina Sallinger:

My favourite sport is handball. I do it only in summer and most of the time at school. I am not in a sport club. I like volleyball and basketball too, but I only play at home. In my family nobody does sport in a club. I don't know any handball, volleyball and basketball teams. I like sports at school, because there are many different team games. Most of the sport I only do in summer or spring. I would like to go to a sport club with many different kinds of sports.

Anna Heilmann:

My favourite sport is volleyball. I played for 3 years in a club. I was in the team called U15. From about 13 to 14 years you play in that team
But now I´m only playing for fun. I love playing on the beach in Greece.
The team and I went by busto a volleyballcamp in Czech Republic. We played every day and in the evening we went swimming.
I want to learn how to do boxing. My godmother and my grandpa did that sport, too. Anna Regina

What we have leart about Easter traditions in Spain

The Lent of Spanish people lasts for 40 days. The Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. On Palm Sunday in the morning the people go to mass. The children carry palm leaves, which the priest blesses. They often have sweets. On Maundy Thursday there is a special celebration. This is the Dance of Death. There the people are dressed up as skeletons. The whole country celebrates Corpus Christi, but there are different things they do. In Sigtes there is a celebration with carpets made from flowers since 1950. They place an altar in the main square and with a shower of flowers they blessed it. And in Toledo there is a procession and the noble people wear red clothes. The knights of the Holy Sepulchre dress white, the Mozarabic knights wear blue habits and the knights of Corpus Christi wear green clothes. There is another celebration with masks and a celebration called “the dancing egg”.

Easterwishes from Regi&Anna


In Austria the Easter rabbit brings the gifts. The parents hide the presents, but little kids think the easter bunny bring the gifts. The parents hide colourful eggs and chocolate easter-bunnies. 40 days before Easter is Lent. On Palm Sunday there is a palm procession. The people from the church go around the church and then they go in there. At midnight there is a mass. The school is closed for one week.


1.What is the Alhambra? It's a place and fortress.The name Alhambra means in Arabish 'the red'.
2.Do you know what the Albayzin is? It's a district from Granada.
3.Do you know anything about traditional food of Andalusian? Gazpacho is a traditional food. It's a kind of cold soup.
4.What is the most important mountain of Granada? The most important mountain is the Cordiellera Cantabrica.
5.What is the capital of Spain? The capital of Spain is Madrid.
6.What is the capital of Andalusia? The capital of Andalusia is Sevilla
.7.What is the most important river in Spain? It's the Tajo.
8.Do you know what we usually eat in Easter? -
9.What we usually do on Valentine's Day? -
10.Do you know anything about Boabdil and her mother Aixa? He was the father from Mohammed XII (also known as Boabdil), the last sultan of Granada, by his relative Aixa.
11.Which are the oceans and the seas that surround Spain?The Mediterranean Sea to the east and southeast and the Antlantic Ocean.
12.What are the main climates of Spain? The mediterranean climate, the semiarid climate and the oceanic climate.
13.What colors are the Andalusian flag? Green and whithe.
14.What colors are the Spanish flag? Red and yellow.
15.How large is Andalusia? It's 87,268 km².
16.What is the capital of Barcelona? -
17.How many provinces are there in Andalusia? There are eight provinces.
18.How many people live in Granada? There live about 239,017 people.
19.And in Andalusia? There live about 8,45 million people.
20.And in Spain? There live about 47,27 million people.


We answer it! :) Regi & Anna

QUESTIONS ABOUT AUSTRIA from Regina & Anna. the solution is purple

1.What was the first name of Austria?
Ostarrichi. true
2.How many provinces has Austria got?
Nine provinces. true
3.What's the traditional clothing in Austria?
Long skirts and shirths. dress (dirndl),troussers (Lederhose)
4.What are the names of the Lower Austria ''Viertels'' ?
Weinviertel, Mostviertel and Waldviertel. Industrieviertel
5.What's the capital city of Lower Austria?
Vienna. St.Pölten
6.How many people live in Lower Austria?
8.47 millions people. 1.6Mio.
7. What kinds of winter sports are done a lot in Austria?
Bobsleigh and skiing. true
8. What’s Lower Austria’s Grand Canyon?
Is a steep side crayon carver the Colorado river. the Ötschergräber
9. What’s the highest mountain in Lower Austria?
Ötscher mountain.Schneeberg
10. What’s the Danube?
Is a river. true


1. Where is the Mostviertel located?
In the western part of Lower Austria, south of the River Danube. true
2. What’s the name of the pear or apple drink which is alcoholic and very special in Mostviertel?
Grape-juice Perry-Most
3. Why is the Mostviertel called “Mostviertel”?
The literal translation of the name Mostviertel is "quadrant ofwine",as the region is famous for its production of apple and pear juice.
it is a special drink called: Most
4. How many people live in Mostviertel?
407,000. true
5.. What are the names of the three highest mountains in Mostviertel?
Ötscher, Dürrenstein and Hochkar true
6. How many natural parks are situated in the Mostviertel?
Three natural parks.true
7. Which kind of farms can you find especially in the Mostviertel?
Farms rectangular and square with a courtyard in the center farmsteads
8. How is the climate in “Mostviertel”?
The climate is warm. it is mild
9. What’s the cultural and spiritual centre of the Mostviertel?
Seitenstetten Abbey
10. What’s the “Klangturm”?
Is an "acoustic art space“ featuring sound galleries bathed in coloured light and spherical listening zones. true


We controll it!;) Regi & Anna

We make it... Regi & Anna



We went to Vienna from the 10th to the 6th of June, 2013.
The whole class went there.
We stayed at a hostel near the Mariahilfer-Straße. Every day we did three different things. We saw a lot of famous houses and we were in meuseums. The best sight was the Danube-Tower.

We liked the musical "Naturally Blonde" best.

I liked the musical so much, because the
motto in her life was very good.
I am blonde too. And the story is very nice. :)

I think the story of the musical is very great. It's very funny.
The actors danced and sang very well. :D