This is GROUP 7, formed by Alex ,Claudia and Pablo from the school in Otura and Simone and Elke from Sankt Valentin


Our names are Alex,Claudia and Pablo.
We live in Granada (Spain).We are 14 years old.Our favouite animals are dogs,cats and horses.Our favourite sport is football.Our favourites food are burgers, pizza and pasta. Alex's hobbies are playing football, hunting and hanging out with friends. Claudia's hobbies are playing football, listening to music and hanging out with friends. Pablo's hobbies are playing football and hanging out with friends. Our favourites colours are red, blue and yellow.
Glogster of us:

Pablo: My favourite book: Sherlock Holmes
my favourite book is "Sherlock Holmes". I like this book because it's amazing what like he solves the mysteries. The author is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I like when he solves the mysteries. I feel like I'm with him. The book is like mystery.

Alex: My favourite sport: football
I really like football because it is a team sport. I like working together with a group of people to try to win. I play on a football team in my town. My team mates are all my age. My team usually win the matches. We play in a category maxima of Granada.
Sometimes I like to practice with my friends. They know how to play football. I like controllintg the ball, run and pass the ball to team mates. I play in defence and midfielder in the match. depending the match.

Claudia: My favourite book : " A 3 metros sobre el cielo" .
I like this book because when I start reading I can't stop. The author is Federico Moccia. I like how he describe the situation . I like when Baby kiss Hache . The book is very beautifull. The best part is the end because it finish with a mystery.

At Easter Week we visit the family and celebrate this week with processions , that are representations of the God Jesus' life. The processions are composed by penitents, bands of music and costaleros. Many people go to street to see the throne where the sculptures are represented . Each brotherhood has a different type of image of the life of God Jesus'. Claudia goes on a processions wearing a suit of penitents.

How do you celebrate the Easter Week?
What we have learnt about Easter traditions in Austria:

Easter Week in Austria
Few days before Easter, you decorate bushes. On Easter Sunday the family comes together. You go to Church and then we have lunch. Little kids from 1 until 6 years believe in Easter Bunny. You think the Easter Bunny brings and hide the eggs and presents. In Austria is it tradition to hide some eggs, chocolate or small presents. A typical Easter meal is Chicken.

We are your Austrian friends

Our Glogsters

Our favourite Sport
Simone: My favourite sport is Volleyball.
I sometimes play it in the summer holidays with friends. When my brother was younger he played football. Theare are teams but I don't support them, because i don’t watch volleyball on TV very often. I'm not in a sport club. Sport in school is sometimes difficult. I like how to learn handball.

Elke: My favourite sport is Volleyball.
I play sometimes volleyball in the summer holidays with friends. When my brohter was nine years old, he played football. There are teams here but I don’t support them, beacuse i don’t watch volleyball much on Tv. I’m not in a sport club. Sport in school can be sometimes difficult. I like how to learn handball.

Easter Traditions in Spain

Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday the people in Spain go to mass in the morning. Children carry palm leaves. Boys carry simple palm branches and girls carry simple palm branches that have been decorated. They often have sweets, tinsel or other decorations on their branches.

Ash Wednesday

On Ash Wednesday the people in Spain go to church and it’s the first day of the penitential season of Lent. They are placing ash on the foreheads as a sign of penitence. In the Roman Catholic Church they take the ash from burned palm branches. The priest places the ash on the foreheads of the officiating priests, the clergy and the congregation.


Lent is a period of penitence traditional observed by Christians. The 40–period begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on the day before Easter Sunday.

Questions about Austria

Austria / Lower Austria:

1. What was the first name of Austria? Ostarrichi (Right)
2. How many provinces has Austria got? 9 provinces (Right)
3. What’s the traditional clothing in Austria? Tracht and Dirndl (Right)
4. What are the names of the Lower Austrian “Viertels”? Weinviertel, Mostviertel, Waldviertel, Vienna Alps, Wienerwald and Danube Valley (wrong: Industrieviertel, right: Weinviertel, Mostvierterl, Waldviertel)
5. What’s the capital city of Lower Austria? Sankt Polten (Right)
6. How many people live in Lower Austria? 1.612 million people (Right)
7. What kinds of winter sports are done a lot in Austria? Skiing (Right) (and snowboarding)
8. What’s Lower Austria’s Grand Canyon? It's a depressions (wrong: The Ötschergräben)
9. What’s the highest mountain in Lower Austria? Klosterwappen, 2076 m (wrong: Schneeberg)
10. What’s the Danube? Is a river (wrong: it's the longest river in Austria)

Mostviertel (the "Viertel" of Lower Austria where we live):

1. Where is the Mostviertel located? In the western part of Lower Austria, south of River Danube (Right)

2. What’s the name of the pear or apple drink which is alcoholic and very special in Mostviertel? Grape-juice (wrong: Perry)

3. Why is the Mostviertel called “Mostviertel”? The literal translation of the name Mostviertel is "quadrant ofwine",as the region is famous for its production of apple and pear juice. (Right)

4. How many people live in Mostviertel? 407,000 (Right)

5. What are the names of the three highest mountains in Mostviertel? Ötscher, Dürrenstein and Hochkar (Right)

6. How many natural parks are situated in the Mostviertel? Three parks natural (Right)

7. Which kind of farms can you find especially in the Mostviertel? Farms rectangular and square with a courtyard in the center (Right)

8. How is the climate in “Mostviertel”? The climate is warm. (wrong: it's mild)

9. What’s the cultural and spiritual centre of the Mostviertel? Cenner (wrong: Seitenstetten Abbey)

10. What’s the “Klangturm”? Is an "acoustic art space“ featuring sound galleries bathed in coloured light and spherical listening zones. (Right)

Questions about Spain

1.Do you know where our school is?
Otura (Right)
2.Do you know anything about the Alhambra?
Alhambra means the red ons and is an Arabian place. (Right)
3.Do you want to visit Granada?
Yes, because it looks great. (Right)
4.How many habitants are there in Granada?
241 003 (Right)
5.What the name of Granada's football team?
FC Granada (Wrong: Granada CF)
6.Can you explain the running of the bulls?
The running of the bulls is a practice. (Right)
7.Do you know the ingredients of “Gazpacho”?
tomatoes, bread, green pepper, onions, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, water and salt (Right)
8.In what year was Otura founded?
We don’t know that. (Wrong: In 1512 by catholic kings)
9.Who is the king of Spain?
King Juan Carlos I (Right)
10.In what province is paella typical?
In Valencia (Right)
11.Who discovered America?
the vikings (Wrong: Cristobal Colón)
12.What is the highest mountain in Spain?
Tenerife (Wrong; Teide)
13.Can you explain the Spanish climate?
it is Multifacedet (Right)
14.What is the Sea that is to the south of Spain?
Alboran Sea (Wrong: Mediterranean Sea)
15.What it is the highest peak in the Sierra Nevada?
Mulhacen (Right)
16.Do you know something about Federico Garcia Lorca?
He was a poet and theatre director (Right)
17.Which ocean is west of Spain?
North Atlantic Ocean (Right)
18.Do you know anything about Spanish sports?
the most popular sport in Spain is Football (Right)
19.How many titles has the Spanish football team won since 2008?
European championship and world championship (Right)
20.What is the name the coast of Granada?
Costa Tropical (Right)
21. What is the capital of Spain?
Madrid (Right)
22.What is the capital of Andalusia?
Sevilla (Right)
23.Who is the most important poet of Granada?
Federico Garcia Lorca (Right)
24.Where is the Prado Museum?
In Madrid (Right)
25. What are the colours of Granada's flag?
Red and green (Right)