We are Serena and Ana. We're 13 years old, and we live in Spain. We both playing the piano. Ana plays handball and Serena practise acrobatic gymnastics.

We don't like reading too, it's bored. We prefersend text messages too. We always meet with our friends on holidays and weekends.

Serena has brown and blue, long and straight hair, and Ana will dye her hair in blue and purple, but she has log brown hair with a long bang too, haha.

Serena hasn't got any pets, but Ana has one dog called Grifin and one bird called Mitsuka.

Merry Christmas too, and happy New Year! :D

Dear penpals,

Serena and Ana.

Our favourite sport

Serena's favourite sport is acrobatic gimnastics.

She practices it in the sport centre with her friend Muriel.

It's a competitive and team sport.

In March they start competitions, and she's very nervous.

She likes practice this sport because when she's doing it she forget all the problems.

Trainer's name are Germán and Belén.

Ana's favourite sport is handball.

It's a team sport, there are seven players in each team.

She practices it at sports centre with her partners Julia and Irene. She likes it because she likes ball sports and you have to run.

Her trainer is called Jose.

Theresa and Britta


We are Britta and Theresa is 12 years old and Britta is 13 years old and we live in Austria. Britta plays the piano. Britta hasn't got any brothers or sisters. Theresa has two brothers. Our hobbys are meeting friends and sending text messages.

Favourite sport


My favourite sport is volleyball. I play volleyball every week. My mum and my dad play volleball. In summer I play with my friends volleyball. I'm not in a team but I love to play volleyball.


My favourite sport is volleyball. I don't play in a volleyball club. In summer I play volleyball with my friends. I think volleyball in school is very funny because there you can play with all your friends.

Here are our glogs:

Theresa <3

Britta :)



Serena and Ana - Easter Holiday

Spain celebrates Easter Week much more than most European countries. During the whole of Easter, street processions are organised in most Spanish towns each evening, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.
People carry statues of saints around on floats or wooden platforms, and an atmosphere of mourning and the Easter week processions end with Easter Sunday, a day full of light and colour when church and cathedral bells are heard ringing throughout the country.
The people who carry the weight of the floats are called "costaleros" and are expected the carry these "thrones" with solemnity and grace. They use a small cushion, "costal" to protect themselves from getting sores from the wood rubbing against their skin during the long processions.
And finally, on this day, godfather presents his godchild with a cake known as ‘La Mona'.

Easter in Spain

What we have learned about Easter traditions in Spain:

On Palm Sunday people go to church. Children carry palm leaves to be blessed by the priest. They often have sweets. Ash Wednesday is the first day of the Lent. The priest puts blessed ash on your forehead. Lent is a period of fasting in the Christian church. You eat 40 days not as much as the other time. The strictest days of fasting are Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. The Dance of Death is a special celebration in Verges. Th people are dressed up as skeletons.

Easter in Sank Valentine

What we have learned about Easter in Austria:

In Austria Easter is very different from Spain. They paint eggs with many colours. The adults hide the eggs in the garden with presents and the children have to find them. In Austria they haven't got processions.
In Spain we eat many sweets, and in Austria the eat eggs.

Questions about Spain

How many people live in Spain?
2. How many provinces are there in Spain?
3. What is the most important monument in Granada?
La Alhambra
4. Where is the Prado museum?
5. In what pronvince is paella typical?
In Spain
6. What is the highest mountain in Spain?
Teide (Tenerife) 3,718
7. What are the colours of Granada's flag?
green and red
8. What is the capital of Spain?
9. What is the most famous monument in Cordoba?
UNESCO World Heritage
10. What is celebrated the 23rd of April?
St.George's Day
11. What ingredients does ''gazpacho'' have?
uncooked vegetables
12. What is the longest river in Andalucia?
major river
13. Name the two most important cities in Spain.
Malaga, Madrid
14. Who is the Spanish national team's goalkeeper?
Iker Casillas Fernández
15. What are the 19 autonomus communities in Spain?

16. What is the biggest city in Andalucia?
17.Who is the president of Spain?
Mariano Rajoy Brey
18. Who is the king of Spain?
Juan Carlos
19. What's important the ganadery in Spain?
20. Where was Picasso born?
in Malaga - Andalucia
21. Who is the most important writer of Granada?
22. Where is Mallorca?
in the south of spain
23. What is a traditional Spanish dish?
Chorizo (spicy sausage)
24. Name the most important city of Andalucia.
25. What is the capital of Andalucia?

Set of questions about Austria

Austria / Lower Austria:

1. What was the first name of Austria?
2. How many provinces has Austria got?
It has got nine provinces.
3. What’s the traditional clothing in Austria?
Tracht and Dirndl
4. What are the names of the Lower Austrian “Viertels''?
Weinviertel, Waldviertel, The Danube Valley, Mostviertel,Vienna Alps and Wienerwald. - THE MOSTVIERTEL - WALDVIERTEL - WEINVIERTEL - INDUSTRIEVIERTEL
5. What’s the capital city of Lower Austria?
Sank Pölten
6. How many people live in Lower Austria?
7. What kinds of winter sports are done a lot in Austria?
Skiing and snowboarding.
8. What’s Lower Austria’s Grand Canyon?
Is a steep-sided canyon carved by the colorado river _ THE ÖTSCHERGRÄBEN
9. What’s the highest mountain in Lower Austria?
10. What’s the Danube?
its a river in central Europe.

Mostviertel (the "Viertel" of Lower Austria where we live):

1. Where is the Mostviertel located?
In the western part of lower austria, south of the river Danube

2. What’s the name of the pear or apple drink which is alcoholic and very special in Mostviertel? Grape-juice - THE MOST

3. Why is the Mostviertel called “Mostviertel”?
The tradition of the name most viertels is quadrant of MOST as the region is famous for its production af apple and pear juice

4. How many people live in Mostviertel?

5. What are the names of the three highest mountains in Mostviertel?
Ötscher , Dümentein and Heckar _ HOCHKAR

6. How many natural parks are situated in the Mostviertel?
3 natural parks

7. Which kind of farms can you find especially in the Mostviertel?
Farms rectangular and square with a courtyard in the centre

8. How is the climate in “Mostviertel”?

9. What’s the cultural and spiritual centre of the Mostviertel?
Mariazell and other piligrimage sites - THE SEITENSTETTEN ABBEY

10. What’s the “Klangturm”?
Is an acustic art space

Vienna Week

Last week we were in Vienna with our class! We saw a lot of museums and we saw the “Donauturm”.

The first 2 days it was raining but the last days the sun was shining. We went to Vienna by train. First we were in our parliament after that we were at the "Zentralfriedhof", a huge cemetery.

Tuesday: We were in the Palace of Schönbrunn, it is very big and beautiful. After that we were at the "Dialog im Dunkeln" there it is like you are blind. And at night we were by "Gruseliges Wien" where we got to know about spooky Vienna.

Wednesday: In the morning we were in the Zoo Schönbrunn. There are a lot of animals. After that we were in a television studio called ORF. And in the afternoon we did a quiz about the 1st district of Vienna. OnThursday in the morning we made a tour in Vienna to see the new buildings. In the afternoon we were in the Naturhistorischen Museum - a famous science museum. After that we went to the musical “Natürlich Blond - Naturally Blonde”. On the last day we were in an amusement park and in the afternoon we went home.

We were in Vienna from the 10th of June to the 14th of June. Our classmates went with us and we stayed next to the “Mariahilfstraße” in the Westend City Hostel. The best was the musical. We will do it again but we can’t do that with our school. We liked the shopping in Vienna a lot.