Lower Austria - the province we live in
The Mostviertel

Set of questions about Austria

Austria / Lower Austria:

1. What was the first name of Austria?
2. How many provinces has Austria got?
3. What’s the traditional clothing in Austria?
4. What are the names of the Lower Austrian “Viertels”?
5. What’s the capital city of Lower Austria?
6. How many people live in Lower Austria?
7. What kinds of winter sports are done a lot in Austria?
8. What’s Lower Austria’s Grand Canyon?
9. What’s the highest mountain in Lower Austria?
10. What’s the Danube?

Mostviertel (the "Viertel" of Lower Austria where we live):

1. Where is the Mostviertel located?
2. What’s the name of the pear or apple drink which is alcoholic and very special in Mostviertel?
3. Why is the Mostviertel called “Mostviertel”?
4. How many people live in Mostviertel?
5. What are the names of the three highest mountains in Mostviertel?
6. How many natural parks are situated in the Mostviertel?
7. Which kind of farms can you find especially in the Mostviertel?
8. How is the climate in “Mostviertel”?
9. What’s the cultural and spiritual centre of the Mostviertel?
10. What’s the “Klangturm”?